Caring For Your Marble Countertops

marble countertops

Marble is an elegant surface that updates the look of any kitchen. It is the preferred counter material for many bakers because of the ease of rolling out pastries and dough on its surface.

However, you should know that it requires more maintenance than granite because it is a softer and more porous material – making it susceptible to stains, cracks, scratches, or dulling of the shine. Not to worry though– with a little knowledge and discipline, your investment will be protected.

The most important thing to remember:  seal marble countertops at least once a year. You will know if they need resealing if water fails to bead up when splashed on the surface.  Sealing prevents stains and damage.


Ways to avoid damaging the surface:

  • remember that acids are the enemy. that means anything citrus, tomatoes (even ketchup), vinegar, soda, oils, cleaning chemicals.  These substances can erode, stain or cloud the surface.
  • do not use regular cleaning products that can scratch the surface over time, and do not ever use abrasive cleaners or powders, or abrasive scrubbers like steel wool– they will damage the finish. Dust weekly with a soft microfiber cloth and use a pH-neutral cleaner designed for marble. Your countertop company will be happy to recommend a solution.
  • wipe up any spills immediately, then wipe the area with a little water and dry immediately. Spills that are left to absorb into the counter CAN eventually lead to cracks.
  • never allow wet dishes, glasses or water to stand on a marble countertop for any length of time. Water will seep into the stone and leave a permanent ring to remind you where the water was— removable only by professional polishing.

Has this scared you away from ever having marble counters? I hope not. As long as you know the rules of the territory, your marble will remain beautiful for many years.  And there is always the school of thought among Europeans that scratches, scrapes and stains over time create a patina that adds character and witness to the use of the kitchen… it’s a perspective worth considering.

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