Interview with Orlando Soria of Get It Together!

Book preview and Interview with Orlando Soria of GET IT TOGETHER! on

Get it Together! is hands down the funniest, most entertaining design and lifestyle book ever. Anyone who wants to lighten up and live a beautiful life will devour Orlando Soria’s hilarious, conversational style of writing- and likely feel like he is your new best friend. You may already be familiar with his blog Hommemaker – or have seen him on HGTV, or follow him on social media. His fan base is enormous and vocally appreciative of his authenticity.  Soria shares the good and bad of his personal and professional journey with an honest transparency-  in a relaxed way that makes him seem so familiar and human that readers may feel like they actually know him in real life. His light-hearted approach evokes a page by page LOL, inviting us to rethink how seriously we take ourselves.  [Read more…]

Watermelon Salad

Layered Watermelon Salad on

Watermelon Salad

OK, here is one that is so easy that I won’t even give you a step by step recipe – because you won’t need one. If you are familiar with the fresh seasonal watermelon and basil salad, with goat cheese or feta, you get it. This is just a presentation shift, that’s all. Here I have made it into a napoleon, a layered salad. The experience of a meal begins with the eyes, so why not reformat some of our favorite dishes. [Read more…]

Compound Butter

How to make herb butter on

 I am about to let you in on a kitchen secret that is the ultimate game changer for many reasons. It is called Compound Butter, also known as Hotel Butter or Maitre d’Hotel Butter, and there are many of reasons to love it: [Read more…]

DIY Laundry Detergent with Custom Scent

DIY detergent, Custom Scented Laundry detergentScents Trigger Memories:

What is your favorite smell ever, your comfort scent that sends you back to [Read more…]

Storage Upgrades: Drawers

A few  ideas to add function, style and convenience to your storage:

1) refrigerated beverage drawers:

refrigerator drawer

~photo credit~

2) Make your shelves drawer-like for better access. What a brilliant idea to maximize space and keep things organized. No need to call in the professionals, this can be an easy DIY project.

drawer shelves

~Photo Credit~    DIY Resource

3) Outlets in the drawers.  Need I say more? Your counters will thank you! Great idea.

outlets inside drawer

Photo Credit 

4) Luxury Drawer Liners- Infuse your clothes with the luxurious scent of Jo Malone  by lining your drawers with lime, basil and mandarin liners.

scented drawer liners

Which of these ideas enthuses you most? If you have other drawer upgrades or organizational tips  to share, please comment or send them in!

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