Rhinelander Mansion, Home of Ralph Lauren NYC Men’s Flagship Store

Ralph Lauren FlagShip, story behind the mansion on www.CourtneyPrice.com

In honor of today’s Fifth Avenue POLO flagship opening, I thought we would take a look at the very first Ralph Lauren NYC flagship store and the story behind its stunning location.

The Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo House is a French Renaissance revival mansion located at 867 Madison Avenue on the corner of East 72nd Street in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Completed in 1898, it was modeled after a châteaux of the Loire Valley in France. The plan was for this home to outshine the Vanderbilt limestone palace. Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo, the eccentric New York heiress who commissioned the mansion, made numerous trips to Europe to buy art, furniture, and statues, which were shipped back in crates and stored in rooms and hallways of the home.

Gertrude never actually moved in, never opened those crates. Widowed after two short years of marriage, she preferred to live across the street in a town home with her unmarried sister.  She was unable to maintain the building and it went into foreclosure in 1909. The crates of valuable furnishings, never opened, were the cause of multiple lootings of the property in 1909. She died in debt in 1914. The building remained vacant until 1921, at which time the first floor was converted into stores and two apartments were carved out of the upper four floors. Commercial enterprises which have used the location at various times include an antique store, Christie’s auction house and a Zabar’s-owned restaurant. Then greatness happened:  [Read more…]

Linens For Every Room and Occasion

Linens For Every Room and Occasion on www.CourtneyPrice.com

LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion

“Once you see all the ways embellishment can make linens distinctive and unique, piece to piece, you’ll understand why they’re fast-moving to the forefront of decorative decisions in home decor-”  -Jane Scott Hodges

One of the places I always tell my design savvy friends to shop in New Orleans is Leontine Linens. If you have ever been to the (flagship & only) store, you will know first hand what I speak of when I say it is linen heaven on earth. You can always shop on-line or with your local rep, but first you should pick up a copy of founder Jane Scott Hodges’ FANTASTIC book: Rizzoli’s LINENS: For Every Room and Occasion. The New Orleans girl in me is JUMPING UP and DOWN over how great this book is. This image-rich book is a gorgeous treasure trove of linens back story, advice, pointers, and visuals of design POSSIBILITY with Leontine Linens. Two words come to mind: [Read more…]

Pets and Rugs

guilty dog

Our friend Harry over at Addison Dicus offers sage advice for pet owners, should your dog or cat have an accident. Hop on over to see the article, where Harry helps us to protect our fine rug investments. While you are there, take a look at the beautiful rugs!

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10 Tips For Oriental Rug Care

oriental rug stack

: [Read more…]

Caring for Silver


Now that the holidays are over, people are returning their family silver to storage.  I thought this would be a good time to address the proper care for silver. Contrary to popular belief, silver does not need constant cleaning and the need to do so can be reduced by regular dusting with a soft cloth or washing with warm soapy water, rinsing and drying well. Some other things to keep in mind:

  • Silver should not be put in the dishwasher
  • When not in use or on display it will tarnish less if kept wrapped in acid-free tissue paper or undyed cotton or linen and kept in airtight conditions.
  • Tarnishing is caused by a number of factors including humidity, sulphurous foods such as egg yolks and fingerprints which can leave deposits.
  • To remove tarnish it is best to use cloths impregnated with silver foam or polish (never use polish intended for copper or brass).
  • Silver dip, which can be wiped on large objects, should not be used too many times.
  • Rinse after cleaning and dry carefully.
  • Never use wire or abrasive cloth to remove stains as they will scratch the surface.
  • Polish plated objects as seldom as possible as a small amount of silver will be removed over time and eventually wear away, exposing the metal core.
  • Silver will corrode as a result of being in contact with salt.  Salt cellars should be gilt or glass lined and the salt should be removed from them after use.

If you have any other topics you would like addressed, feel free to let usknow!

photo credit: Alex Hitz

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