How To Be the Best Interior Designer or Professional of Any Kind

Break the rules, learn the rules, Picasso quote

Be the Best by Learning, Always Learning…

Pablo Picasso reminds us to continually sharpen the saw and never stop learning. In the design world there is nothing worse than an interior designer or decorator who purports to be an “expert” – charging hefty fees, only to deliver the same design concept that they have used repeatedly for previous clients. They are not-so-lovingly referred to as [Read more…]

Picasso Plates

Picasso Plate cow head

I first experienced Picasso Plates in the home of an incredibly talented and stylish Interior Designer, Julie Lloyd, who I had the pleasure to work for while in design school. Even though I had never seen one in person, I knew exactly what I was looking at the first time I saw them.  These look good in photograph, but trust me, they are absolutely stunning in person and likely bigger than you’d guess. There is a great article in the October issue of Departures Magazine about Picasso’s Plate Period. This segment of his career began in 1946, went 25 years, produced 3,500 vases, pitchers, bowls and plates. [Read more…]

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