Protect Your Content

Apps to find and protect you against Stolen Content on

If you have a website, you need to protect your content.

There are endless numbers of lazy lowlifes out there who recklessly “borrow” and “use” the content of others, thinking absolutely nothing of their shortcuts.  Whether they come across it online, on Pinterest, or wherever…  without the appropriate steps being taken, this is still theft. Copyright Infringement.  FRAUD. Why should you care? Because their duplication of your original content can lower YOUR google ranking by penalizing YOU rather than the thief…   [Read more…]

Copyright Issues for Bloggers

William and Susan Brinson, copyright issues for photography use

photo credit: William Brinson

About a month ago I took an Alt Summit online class on Copyright Issues for Bloggers, taught by Susan and William Brinson, creators of the gorgeous blog named House of Brinson– if you are not familiar with it I invite you to experience their visual feast. In their class they covered two specific scenarios: bloggers who create their own images and bloggers using others images.  Both Brinsons are professionals in the industry- Susan works in advertising and Will is a professional photographer.

“Our main goal when we agreed to teach this class is to help the blogging community understand that using copyrighted work (specifically photography) without permission can have financial consequences.” -Susan Brinson

Their Alt class was so intriguing that I asked for a followup interview so I could share their insights with you.  Here are some Q&A from our interview: [Read more…]

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