Social Media Algorithm Updates

social media algorithm changes

Keeping current with the latest Social Media ALGORITHM updates, in case you are wondering why your social media feeds are different than they used to be. Whether your use of social media is personal or professional,  this is news you can use to better understand the platforms: [Read more…]

Bad Apples

the importance of being a professional social media manager on

Social Media is a profession that should be taken seriously, with the right people in place. Brands need to be thoughtful about the story they tell, which goes beyond planned content to watchful monitoring and diplomatic responses. Missteps can have long-standing consequences. Take for example [Read more…]

Social Media is an Extension of Customer Service

Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records. -William Arthur ward
Whether brands realize it or not, social media is an extension of customer service, and it is important to have the right team skillfully managing the accounts for unexpected online situations. Nobody likes a loud, verbal hater, but they certainly need to be addressed in a timely manner. Some haters want an answer; others simply want an audience. If left unattended, their volume and wrath escalate, offering competitors the open door to swoop in for the win, gaining positive marketing for themselves. [Read more…]

Mophie Rescue

For those of you who have not attended South By Southwest Interactive (SXSW) in Austin, it is branding/marketing mecca. Major brands literally take over every inch of downtown Austin, disrobing commercial spaces of their current signage and furnishings to adorn them with their own creatively branded themes for the duration of the show, with no expense spared. Even parking lots are fair game for event site transformation; it is almost as if the Austin you know goes into the witness protection program as it morphs into a creative tech-wonderland for a week. Mashable is known for their highly anticipated Mashable House, Samsung creates a Samsung Studio, IBM has a Cognitive Studio, Google Fiber takes over a huge commercial space, and the list goes on, down to tents and vehicles that roam the streets hoping to catch your attention. Advertising takes on all forms.

The best of branding was an obvious standout.

The platinum award goes to Mophie.

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Last year Mophie partnered with [Read more…]

Travel Tech, and Where To Take It

Travel Tech, Architectural Digest,, girltech

Travel Tech, and where to take it,

all in one delicious issue of Architectural Digest- the Travel Issue, due to hit the stands on April 12.

If you get easily distracted by shiny things, you are likely to want to order one of each of the top electronics for savvy travelers, including suitcases that can charge your phone on the go and binoculars with a streaming-video app (p. 76) I probably wouldn’t advise checking that suitcase unless you want to test the tracking feature. For those of you who love hotel design as much as I do, [Read more…]