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Show Me The Content, Irene Turner, Courtney Price

Hate to tease you with inside speak but I had to post this “Show Me The Content” photo for Charlotte Moss, in thanks for a) the cool hats and b) the inspiration she gave Design Blogger Conference and Blogfest attendees. More to come on this, stay tuned and have a great day…

pictured: Irene Turner and myself



  1. You all make those ball caps look terrific- have fun and we ‘at home’ will stay tuned for your next post.

  2. You’re totally teasing us. I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. LOVE this picture…the conference was great. I learned a lot, but best of all meeting you was terrific, as well as so many of others in my virtual community. Nothing like a little face time to cement a relationship. Thanks Courtney for the fabulous pics, the support and the valuable information. You rock!

  4. This is too cute!

  5. Great picture! Can’t wait to read your post about the conference!

  6. So cute and can’t wait to hear more!

  7. Jen Duchene says

    Love this pic and what it says about design and blogging conferences and how fabulous the two of you are…. Now I just need to hang out with you in person

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