Design Bloggers Conference Highlights in Huffington Post Home

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I’m at Huffington Post Home this week sharing Top Design Highlights from Design Bloggers Conference. I have recapped presentations of keynote interior design word legends Newell Turner, Charlotte Moss, Barbara Barry and Windsor Smith…and filled you in on who else presented at this star-studded conference.  Head over to Huffington Post Home to check it out!


Raise the Bar on Blogging

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 “3 million people start blogs per month. 80% of them fail in the same month. It’s hard work.” -Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss, my new hero, is a blogger and social media user in addition to  being a famous design icon. She is loaded with class, authenticity, sophistication and charm. One of the best things about her is that she say’s it like it is; her direct approach is refreshing.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her at Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles last week – I am sharing a few takeaways [Read more…]

Show Me The Content

Show Me The Content, Irene Turner, Courtney Price

Hate to tease you with inside speak but I had to post this “Show Me The Content” photo for Charlotte Moss, in thanks for a) the cool hats and b) the inspiration she gave Design Blogger Conference and Blogfest attendees. More to come on this, stay tuned and have a great day…

pictured: Irene Turner and myself


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