Creative Bathroom Mirrors

A few creative bathroom mirrors to consider if you are ready to step outside of the predictable box:

bathroom mirror hidden storagemirror hidden storage

This Waterworks mirror is shown with front and back views so you can see the hidden storage it offers. Very sleek and if two mirrors are used side by side, the look is sensational.  The mirrors glide out gracefully to reveal the contents stored on the backside. Can be wall mounted or recessed into the wall.

mirror tiles

Or, you could forgo the mirror and just tile the walls floor to ceiling in these gorgeous Ann Saks mirror tiles. These specific ones are well suited for both commercial and residential use, in that they are not susceptible to the problems of cracking that standard mirror presents. Definitely a creative bathroom mirror, and great to enlarge a small space.

interactive mirrors

It is inevitable that tablet technology will find its way into the bathroom…. the above “magic mirror” was created by researchers at New York Times Lab, to bring motion activated news, weather, web surfing and email to your morning routine. For more on this:

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