Bose TV is a Game-Changer

“To call the VideoWave a television is a bit like calling a Bugatti Veyron a car.”-Steven Williams, NY Times Review

Bose TV

This 46″ TV has a gorgeous high-definition picture and the sound clarity that you would expect from Bose, the kind of sound that lets you feel the deep rumble of stampeding hooves, the soaring clarity of a symphony, a ticking clock or the enveloping whisper of raindrops pattering around you. Powerful, emotion evoking sound that has previously required the installation of a separate home theatre audio system with multiple speakers and a bass module. Only this one has none of that, hooray, music to my design eyes!  Bose offers the first TV that completely integrates the sound system into the TV, and let me tell you, the sound and video quality are both AMAZING.   If you are watching a sporting event, you are IN THE STADIUM, with the crowd cheering all around you… sound appears to come from places that have no speakers.

bose remote

This innovative click pad universal remote is brilliantly designed.  It has very few buttons and is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The menu wraps around the program on the screen so the viewer will not ever need to refocus (or grab the readers) to read the remote.  Another design perk: because it uses radio frequencies you don’t even have to aim the remote at the system.  The system comes with a dock to charge your iPod or iPhone, which means that this TV will play your music from these devices as well.

bose videowave system

I can not say enough good things about this Bose VideoWave system. It delivers more than you would even think to want out of a television. If you have a Bose store nearby, this TV is definitely worth taking a look at.



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