Sevres Porcelain, Still Hot After All These Years

Today we have a little Decorative Arts Study on Sevres. Sevres porcelain remains au courant more than 250 years after it was first designed for the King of France. The first Sevres porcelain was produced in 1745 in Vincennes.  Madame de Pompadour, a huge fan of Sevres Porcelain and of powerful influence to King Louis XV (chief mistress, to be specific), championed the King’s full support of the beautiful artistry and turned it into a lucrative industry to the benefit of France.

Louis XV

The King was so supportive and enthused by the porcelain (and Madame de Pompadour) that he decided to  [Read more…]

The Story of the Creative- a NY Photography Exhibit

Courtney Price in New York Photography exhibitionI have some exciting news. Three pieces of my photography were chosen to be a part of a special international exhibition titled “The Story of the Creative”. The seven week NY photography exhibit will open this week on July 25th and run through September 10th. I only know what one of the three pieces [Read more…]

Sherle Wagner, Yes Please!

Sherle Wagner products have a distinct luxurious look that can be identified across a room. Well worth the Hollywood dollars, search no further for the finest most over the top bathroom sinks and fixtures. Sherle Wagner is the answer to your wildest interior design dreams:

onyx sink and faucet accent, gold faucet

Onyx carved sink (above), 14 ct gold hardware with onyx. Wow.

malachite counter, gold sink

This sink is 24ct gold and the counter is malachite. If you love malachite, check this out.

 rose quartz sink and handles, gold Sherle Wagner

Rose quartz carved sink on pedestal. They find the finest specimens to carve. 24 ct gold and rose quartz handles.

Sherle Wagner handle choices

Handles can be made from any stone you desire, see above. The gold is actual gold, not a finish.  Arent these handsome? If you would like to see more high-end bling for the bathroom, see more Sherle Wagner here.

If you could have sinks and hardware made of any of the stones, which would you chose for yourself? Let us know!

Fortuny Fabrics- the Colourismo Collection


fortuny fabric

Last week the owner of Fortuny was in Dallas to present the latest colorways of the legendary fabric line, the Colourismo Collection.  The pigments are as glorious as ever- think Hermes tie kind of purity of color. No surprise, because the namesake Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949) was an artist of the genius level, who even made his own dyes, paints and brushes.  All bright and fresh, the Colourismo fabrics will definitely inspire.  I have chosen a few to share:

fortuny fabric

fortuny pattern

I chose this one because it is a classic Fortuny design in what appears to be the color of the year!

fortuny pattern

I love the fresh happy colors in this leaf design.  All colorways are great of this.

fortuny color

This happy design is just so charming and whimsical. Fortuny, always a classic, seems to be updating and staying with the times beautifully. If you would like more information on patterns, colors or pricing, please contact us.

What are your thoughts on these fabrics? Do they inspire you? Do you feel that they would work in contemporary settings as well as traditional? Share your thoughts…


Small Space Solution: Acrylic Furniture


acrylic coffee table

Keeping the room light…

~photo credit~

Mary McDonald acrylic coffee table

Again, the acrylic table adds interest, in Mary McDonald’s always tasteful design.

If you would like assistance in locating beautiful acrylic furniture, we have many resources,  feel free to contact us.

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