Ralph Lauren Bedroom – Light and Feminine

Feminine Bedroom Decor, ralph lauren bed, white bedding, white sheets, blue and white bedroom

Few people “get” luxury in the way that Ralph Lauren does. This Ralph Lauren bedroom invites us to be pampered in the cool light colors, pattern and textures of summer…. but having just said that, let me just say: I would love this any time of the year.  Shown above:  The Heiress Bed with Upper Fifth Bedding collection, and the Marlowe Floral wallpaper (available in many colors). Dreamy! If you have questions about any of these items, consult Ladye Kay Allen, the expert!

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Making a Bedroom Comfortable

Brown and white bedroom, comfortable bedroom

What is it that makes this bedroom so comfortable and inviting? Actually, it is a couple of things: [Read more…]

iPad Wall Mount Options

ipad dock, wall mount ipad

Wall mount options for one of my favorite devices!  The clever iDock essentially envelops the iPad within the casing and comes with built in power as well composite audio connections. The iDock has been designed to be multi-functional, as this unique system provides the users with the ability to charge their ipad and even use their tablet as a fingerprint security device; is ideal for various high end environments such as hotels, hospitals, homes, yachts etc.  Want one? Visit http://www.ipad-dock.at/

OR… for you culinistas out there, the FridgePad, selling at $49.99, requiring no installation:

 This magnetic device requires no installation & keeps the ipad free of cooking ingredients. What do you think?

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