Making a Bedroom Comfortable

Brown and white bedroom, comfortable bedroom

What is it that makes this bedroom so comfortable and inviting? Actually, it is a couple of things: balance of color and balance of texture.

Balance- notice that visually and spatially, the room appears to be proportional and the furniture layout is done evenly in a way to best promote mobility within/around the room. The artwork is hung with balance and precision, which is a wise choice due to the active wallpaper pattern.  The sense of symmetry allows the eye to relax. Some rooms are set up to command your attention by forcing the eye to various focal points. A bedroom should not be a visual workout, it should be a relaxing and soothing environment.

Balance of Color- There is a sense of varied dark/medium/light in this fixed range of color design scheme. It creates a soothing balance. I love the rich chocolate carpet, the white sheets, the medium color of the bed upholstery, the somewhat medium visual effect of white on brown in the wallpaper, the light color choice of the pictures against the darker wallpaper (and the fact that they did not introduce another color)… it all just works. The eye just relaxes and invites the mind to as well. That’s a  bedroom design home run.

Balance of Texture- plush silk well padded carpet underfoot, the velvet bed upholstery, the soft high-count sheets and duvet, the cashmere pillows, the fur throw- all luxury textures that together dare you to get out of bed in the morning!

What makes a bedroom comfortable to you? Please share your thoughts- your input is always welcome!


  1. Beautiful bedroom, and balance is so important. Couldn’t agree with you more Courtney. Also, soothing colors and colors that can read neutral (light and dark) work best in bedrooms.


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