Pedro Friedeberg Art

Behold the iconic hand chairs of Pedro Friedeberg:

HAND chair Pedro Freideberg

Pedro Friedeberg (January 11, 1936-) is an artist and designer from Mexico known for his surrealist work filled with lines colors and ancient and religious symbols. His best known piece is the “Hand-Chair” a sculpture/chair designed for people to sit on the palm, using the fingers as back and arm rests. Friedeberg began studying as an architect but did not complete his studies as he began to draw designs against the conventional forms of the 1950s and even completely implausible ones such as houses with artichoke roofs.  Friedeberg became part of a group of surrealist artists in Mexico which included Leonora Carrington and Alice Rahon, who were irreverent, rejecting the social and political art which was dominant at the time. Friedeberg has had a lifelong reputation for being eccentric, and states that art is dead because nothing new is being produced.

HAND chairs Pedro Freideberg, on

Hand Chair In Lenny Kravit's interior design, Pedro Friedeberg, on

 I found this Parisian bathroom here, designed by Lenny Kravitz’s design firm…which, btw, wow wow wow, Lenny is multi-talented.  See 2 more photos below via

Lenny Kravitz hand chair, Pedro Friedeberg, on

This bathroom is so fabulous that I could go on all day about its many points of greatness. Before I digress, let me get to the point- the chair.

Lenny Kravitz hand chair

Another Kravitz Design with the Pedro Friedeberg hand chair!

Pedro Friedeberg miniature hand chairs, www.Courtney

I was in the gorgeous home of an uber-stylish dear friend, and couldn’t help but do a triple take of this area of the living room. On the walls hang art by Pedro Friedeberg, and the table is covered with pieces of his work- hands of all different sizes, and note the cool airplane made of rulers and angels. The collection is stunning. His style varies and shows his wonderful eccentricity.

Pedro Freideberg mini hand chair,

A hand chair even sits next to the table. Pedro would be proud! I wonder if he knows?

Pedro Freideberg chair with dog

If you are interested in trying to obtain a piece of his work, feel free to contact me. The items below are available to add to your art collection:

Hook Em Horns Chair, Pedro Friedeberg for sale, Pedro Friedeberg Art dealer on

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  1. This was fab!! I had been seeing the hand chair and had no idea it was by a mexican designer! love his work…it is stunning!


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