Bedroom Blue Palette

Working on a project with a master bedroom that promises to be heavenly and peaceful. It will be a symphony of blues, whites, textures and patterns. Here is a sneak peek of color and pattern:

blue fabrics, blue and white design, fortuny look

The great thing about this fabric is that it is completely customizable color wise. The paint will be Farrow and Ball, because they create unparalleled range and depth of color.

Anyway, thought I would share. So far so good, it is going to be gorgeous!



  1. Beautiful color scheme, soothing and romantic! Look forward to seeing what it looks like in the end!


  2. STUNNING! I love, love, love all things blue!!

  3. Oh, it will be lovely! I think your selections of the watercolor print and color are so beautiful. You are correct about the soothing colors, our master is blue & white- done 10 years ago, and to this day, everytime I walk into the room it lowers any stress and makes me go Ah!

  4. Beautiful colors. I really like the watercolor print.

  5. OMGosh is this Fortuny?! Gorgeous!!!! Love the colors and painterly patterns!

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