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Traditional-Homes-Great-Kitchens Contributors www.CourtneyPrice.comHonored to be a contributor to the latest Traditional Home Great Kitchens issue, where I share TWO inspired table settings by stylish Texan Jolie Berndt. See how she entertains and you’ll understand why she is in demand to plan parties internationally.  Head over to Traditional Home to check out the incredible kitchens, food and entertaining~


  1. Wonderful job, Courtney! I knew it was you–the minute I saw “deliciously talented blogger & designer”!!

  2. Congratulations Courtney – This is so awesome!!

  3. Millicent Mason says

    I am soo proud of u dear. I rushed right out and bought
    that magazine. You are so very talented.
    thanks for sharing.
    Love, Millicent

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