The Dangers of Too Much Sitting-

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We designers love chairs, we obsess about them. We can talk all day long about what chairs you should want to buy, and clients work endless hours at computers and desks in order to fund said fabulous expensive perfect chairs.  But what good is the greatest furniture ever if we are not healthy enough to enjoy it. It is time for all of us to get off our butts. There is a giant elephant in the room and it is probably sitting down. [Read more…]

Spring Cleaning- Ourselves-3 Day Detox Diet


detox diet

Spring cleaning is not just for our homes – We should remember to spring clean ourselves as well. Our internal filters will always welcome a seasonal a re-boot.  A great article in Whole Living Magazine offers a simple, beautiful and delicious three day mini detox cleanse which might leave you thinking you have been to a gourmet spa.  For recipes and information, follow this link.

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