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Farrow and Ball Paint Deck, paint colors

Last week Farrow & Ball introduced new colors into their already amazing lineup. See the nine new arrivals below:

New F&B Colors, paint, chosing paint color

Personally I like their new neutral additions better than the new bright colors, but my mantra is that you can’t go wrong with Farrow & Ball, so I am sure they are great. I am a big time paint snob and Farrow & Ball is my paint of choice.  It contains more pigment than the US paints, which gives the paint a noticeable depth. The additional pigment also has the effect of making the paint seem more interactive with the items in the room. I have used Farrow & Ball paint in a large open space where the room transition was simply an extruding corner – and switching colors on that transitioning corner line was fascinating. It did not create the “hard page break” effect that one would anticipate. The highly pigmented colors interact in a way that makes the eye even miss the color transition. Very very cool. It is bizarre and amazing all at once, even if you look for the transition. People look good against walls painted in Farrow & Ball. Really, trust me on this. Different types of light and different times of day change the color of the room in interesting ways. You could use the same color in two different rooms and it might feel like two entirely different colors – just because of the interaction of light and pigment.  Just ask somebody who has used the paint in their home.  The US paint brands add plastics to their formula to float that lesser amount of pigment to the top strata. Thus the “flat” color effect when compared to the depth of Farrow & Ball. So what I’m saying is…. don’t even think about trying to copy these colors in a cheaper brand of paint because there will be no comparison.

high gloss farrow & ball

Best Glossy Walls Ever

For you high gloss paint fans, Farrow & Ball is absolutely magical for achieving glossy brilliance. The photo above shows about the 1/2 way point through the many coats that it took to achieve the stunning result. Note- if you want to do this finish, do it right and hire a professional painter who is specifically skilled for this. Super smooth walls are required – any seams or wall imperfections will become increasingly pronounced with this finish. This paint job requires a patient painter, spraying rather than brushing, and sanding in between coats. If you are anywhere near Dallas I can recommend a great painter (and he could maybe be talked into traveling for a job). Anyway, these mahogany walls turned out just shy of a mirror like sheen, with gorgeous undertones of purple and red (that was most obvious looking at the paint in the can). Photographs do not even do the end result justice; it is magical, which is consistent with my positive Farrow & Ball experiences. It is more expensive than regular paint, but you don’t end up using as much. It is well worth it.

Back to the PIGMENT for a quick second:

Farrow and Ball Undercoat, Base Coat, Primer

The process begins with specifically matched undercoats for each paint color. *Important to explain this to clients so they don’t freak out if they see a color (of undercoat) that looks wildly different from what they are expecting.  The color building is truly magical that takes place between undercoat and actual paint color. Farrow & Ball artistry.

Sample it…

Most people are intimidated by color. I adore color and love to work with it. My advice: if you want to explore new colors on your walls, order this paint swatch kit, which is a brilliant wall saving kit, so you can sample colors without actually painting your walls and forcing the commitment to paint. These big stick on wall swatches are removable, wall safe and disposable. You do NOT want to sample paint via poster board or the side of a cardboard box. Peeve! The color will get absorbed and the sample will look nothing like the real color. If you are going to do it, do it right.  Farrow & Ball sells tiny little “sample pots”, an easy way to test drive multiple colors. If you have questions, feel free to email me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post, I simply adore the paint.



  1. I agree! I painted my son’s nursery Cooking Apple Green (we didn’t know what we were having before he was born) and I loved being in that room. It was soft and restful – loved it!

  2. Okay, there are about 10 really good tips in here for anyone wanting to paint a room! Love what you said about sampling (painting) the color on the wall not poster board, this is so true. I’ve used Farrow & Ball for really saturated colors and their pigments are so much better, and one or two thin coats doesn’t cut it either. I’ve got to get me a new set of swatches.

  3. Hey thanks for including SwatchRight kits in the post! All the info about the decals and kits are over at http://www.swatchright.com

  4. Thank you for this. I am finding the F&B glossy SO difficult to work with. It goes on so thickly, leaves brush marks and is not smooth. It dries so quickly I can’t resolve issues fast enough. Can someone advise how to work with this paint? Thanks!

    • Yes, of course, just emailed you with informations and contact

      • He says the Cadillac….

      • Hi Courtney,

        We are located in Columbus, GA and we are painting a clients dining room with the Farrow & Ball full gloss paint and are having trouble finding anyone who has had experience applying this type of paint. The first painter spent two weeks prepping the walls and then used the type of sprayer recommended by Farrow & Ball but he had trouble with the over spray and has since quit the job. Do you know of any painter in the Atlanta area or close to Columbus, GA that has used this paint before or know of a painter who might be able to recommend someone in my general area? Also any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Hi Courtney

    My wife and I recently painted our LR and Dr with Farrow & Ball paints, which are unrivaled with regard to application and appearance.

    I am planning to paint my powder room with F&B’s high gloss Mahogany. Do you have any tips regarding application? I saw Jane’s plea above, which gave me pause.
    Please advise.


    • I would highly recommend using the F&B primers recommended for your Mahogany — which is truly an incredible color by the way, I have used it in high gloss (you may be surprised by the color of the paint in the can, don’t think you got the wrong color when you open it!). Very important to follow the F&B recommended procedure. Their undercoat is part of the layering of color process that makes the colors so rich. My advice is to not substitute or shortcut any part of the process. When my painter applied the Mahogany paint, he actually sprayed it on, and did multiple thinned coats. The sheen was glassy fabulous. Having said that, I have also used F&B high gloss paints in small spaces, right out of the can and the result was also beautiful. The other important thing is to make sure your walls are perfectly smooth- can’t stress that enough. A good high gloss finish highlights imperfections. Happy painting~ Would love to see your paint results!!

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