Bringing the Wild Inside: Accessorizing with Antlers

Antler decor, antlers on the wall

Calling all decorators or designers with ski lodges, mountain homes, or the desire to achieve that Ralph Lauren feel: search no further, your resource is Heritage Game Mounts.

You are sure to be inspired by the elegant pinterest boards of Rita Schimpff, a tasteful Texan who sells antler decor and also has a blog dedicated to antler decor: She is not only super talented, but inspirational and lovely to work with, whether to design a lake house or a mountain home.  Below are some uses of Antlers in design. I have updated this post with only original photos, mostly by Rita, and a few of my own.

Mounted Antlers, antler decor, antlers in Design, hunting trophies

Rita achieves a timeless handsome look with the antler mounts, very European.

Hunting trophies, Antlers on the wall, Ralph Lauren look

Antlers over door, moose antlers, ski house, mountain home,

I love how handsome and classic the antlers look above and below

antler mirror, ski house, mountain homebowl of antlers, ski house decor, colorado house, mountain home


Antlers on the wall

 Rita shows us how handsome a room can be. Be sure to check out her blog and website, she is a wonderful resource and she does a lot of custom work as well. A note that I feel compelled to share, antlers naturally fall off of the buck, so they do not represent harm to an animal, whew!

Since originally posting this, I did another popular post on contemporary antler trends, in case you are looking for more. Let’s face it, the horns and antlers are remaining popular in design.

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  1. Antlers aren’t my thing, but I have a friend that loves this style. I’m going to share this with her. I think the tiebacks are a cool idea that would look great in her house. Thanks for the great post Courtney!

  2. Beautiful ideas and photos, very inspiring! We have a wonderful pair of Deer Antlers in our collection at the moment, please have a look

    Thank you!

    Rosy Vintage

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