“Wherever you are – be all there.” Jim Elliot

Give Yourself the Silent Treatment. Unplug from technology every now and then.

I know, easier said than done. Your gadgets tether you to a non stop world you know well.

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Every now and then turn them off and explore new places. Expose yourself to new things, to new ideas. We are all busy. How much time do any of us have?  The truth is, we do not know- and we should not assume we are on the Methuselah plan. What or who do we make time for? Are we doing this out of habit or choice and is it time well spent… and/or appreciated?  Every now and then we should inventory how we use our time and the people we spend it with.  And by the way, if any of those people make you feel bad, disconnect immediately. Break up with them, life is short.

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image via Van Gogh Museum Cafe

 Let go of the devices every now and then to get inspired.

“If you want your brain to work well you first need to know how your brain works. Hint: it’s not a machine. It is a living, wondrously inventive, rapidly renewing organ. You see your hair grow, your nails grow, but do you see your brain grow? That’s what your brain does during rest — it’s your body’s rebuild and renew program. To get your brain to work better, here’s rule number one: rest for success.”  – Matthew Edlund, MD

step back, big picture, perspective

 Like I said, easier said than done.  But here goes…

(for the weekend)


  1. A great reminder, we do need to unplug. Otherwise we forget how to have conversations, find the joy in reading, talking a walk (without a cellphone) or baking and apple pie. Taking time to enjoy and savor pieces of life have far greater benefits than checking into who followed you on Instagram or Twitter. 🙂

  2. I agree 100% … but if I’m being completely honest, if I took time off, I might not come back.

  3. Yup, taking a week off over Christmas and will take 2 weeks off in February when I go to India and take a retreat in silence at an ashram…when I travel around I may plug back in to share pics etc…we’ll see. Introverts unite! Yes, always good to unplug!

  4. Yes, join us for this holiday concert – live, unwired! My 2 year old grand daughter is a helpful reminder towards that effort. (That is until she goes for my iPhone and knows exactly what to do with it. Eesh.) Great piece, as ever, Courtney.

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