The Story of the Creative- a NY Photography Exhibit

Courtney Price in New York Photography exhibitionI have some exciting news. Three pieces of my photography were chosen to be a part of a special international exhibition titled “The Story of the Creative”. The seven week NY photography exhibit will open this week on July 25th and run through September 10th. I only know what one of the three pieces will be, and I am not allowed to share that image in this post, but we’ll just say it was a gutsy shot to take. The other two have been chosen from submissions based on the first… you know who you are if your likeness is a contender. Here’s the scoop on the show, and everybody is invited:

The Story of the Creative represents over 100 different nations. This exquisite collection of work features a diverse range of mediums, styles, influences, and inspirations.  The work displayed will include sculpture, works on paper, and the launch of the newly built digital exhibition room.

Unfortunately, I will miss the opening due to a previously scheduled event, but I feel certain  that I will be in New York during the duration of the show. Honored to be a part of it~


  1. Congrats Courtney! Very well deserved….

  2. Such an honor, congratulations! You are a very gifted photographer, and humble. 🙂


  3. Congratulations! Was that the pose and look when Bo proposed?

  4. George Venner says

    Congratulations Courtney, your good talent is recognized..

  5. You are a rock star!!!! PLEASE let me know when you’re in town so we can get together, ok?

    • …says the pro. Thank you Susan. Are you seeing all of the Memphis photos with apology for the blue tint?!! Everybody on that trip needs you! Will definitely let you know next time I head your way- sorry we didn’t get to catch up more. xx

  6. Courtney, Nell and I are constantly amazed at all of your talents. Congratulations on another of your many outstanding achievements.

  7. This is SO cool, Courtney! Would love to get to NY to see before it’s over! So deserved!! XO!

  8. Congrats Courtney! Very well deserved honor!!! Hope I’ll be in NYC to see your photos!!


  9. wow – HUGE congrats Courtney! Can’t wait to chat photography with you at Lynne’s 🙂

  10. Congratulations how fabulous. Your photos are spectacular. I just wish I was going to be in NYC so I could see them.

  11. Bleakney McInnis says

    Dear C!
    I’m So behind in reading all about you! This Is Wonderful!! I’m very proud of you.

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