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One of the hardest reservations to get in San Francisco – at any time – is at The Slanted Door. Any attempt to book a table might show you that they are booked solid for the next eight weeks. Sounds crazy but the food is absolutely THAT good. The Slanted Door won the food equivalent of an oscar  this year- the James Beard Award. Let’s go see what it is all about….

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 Located on the back side of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero, The Slanted Door offers a chic buzzy atmosphere.

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If you find yourself among the lucky to eat there, what should you order…

I’m quite sure that everything is fantastic but here are a few of the house specialties:

Spring rolls (with recipe) from The Slanted Door, San Francisco travel tip on

slanted door spring rolls, gulf shrimp, pork, mint, peanut sauce

One might think that all spring rolls are created equally. Trust me when I say they most certainly are not.  These are by far the best that any of us had ever tasted. I googled from the table to see if there was a recipe that might explain what set these so far apart, and found the one below:

Shaking Beef (recipe) from The Slanted Door, San Francisco travel tip on

grass-fed estancia shaking beef, 8 oz. cubed filet mignon, sausalito watercress , red onion, lime sauce

One bite of this heaven on a plate will show you why it is one of the most popular menu items.  Lucky for us, chef Charles Phan has shared the recipe with Food & Wine:

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The restaurant’s cookbooks 1 & 2 definitely seem like ones to have and use often…

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The Slanted Door offers a culinary experience that is well worth the patience necessary to get reservation. If you must wait, this is your view.

This is a dining experience worth planning ahead for when traveling to San Francisco.

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  1. Do you still live in Dallas?


  1. […] – Famous restaurant on the Bay with fantastic Asian Cuisine, by a James Beard award winner.  More about this restaurant  here. 1 Ferry Building,(415) 861-8032 […]

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