The Importance of the Handwritten Note… Inspired By: Alexa Pulitzer

to be or not to be a letter writer with style…

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Have the texting and email functions of hand-held devices wiped away our manners? What has happened to the handwritten note? I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder to find decent stationery, note cards and note pads to buy. Is it a supply and demand issue? Are good manners being shorthanded and emoticonned into extinction? Let’s hope not. When someone has sent you a gift, done you a favor, shown you hospitality, or the like, there is nothing more important – or appropriate- than to demonstrate your appreciation in a thoughtful manner, taking the time to be expressive about why you are thanking this person. A handwritten note has a memorable way of conveying that another’s efforts had been appreciated. Especially a well written note on beautiful paper. Elegance matters. Stylish New Orleanian, Alexa Pulitzer, is the master of designing unique personal logos for people to bring their A game to handwritten notes. In fact, her designs are so incredible that what may start out as a notecard design order will often extend to cocktail napkins, cups, business cards and invitations- she has evolved into quite a personal branding queen. Luckily for us, she is our guest today on the blog, and she will school us on the importance of the handwritten note. Please welcome Alexa (who will be represented by blue text):

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There are many occasions when a tangible, handwritten note of thanks is
imperative. In other words any time a “thank you” is due: for a gift, to a
host, for an act of kindness, for another’s time, for money- sit down, pull
out a pen and some paper and get to writing. I do not email my appreciation.
If someone is generous enough to do something lovely for me, the very least
I can do is communicate my appreciation in writing. Writing thank you notes
is not a Southern thing, it’s a sign of good breeding. An email is lazy,
sterile and without style. An email typically does not reflect personality
unless the writer is a Pulitzer Prize winner. Instead, my scarlet notes
engraved in ecru with luxurious envelope liners is a small reflection of who
I am. My style. I deliberately chose the saturated heavy red paper stock
with its envelopes lined in a warm ecru silk moiré, the unique calligraphic
style of my name and “AP” cipher engraved in ecru ink. A classic.

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While a “fold-over” note is more traditional, I use (and sell) mostly flat
notes for correspondence. There are many vibrant paper stocks to choose from
or the classics (white or ecru) as well as an infinite array of envelope
liners to further decorate. I prefer the warmth of ecru over white paper and
only use ecru in my collection.

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There are a few essential formalities to casually keep in mind:

1. First and foremost, when sending a thank you note for any gift or
service, be prompt, especially if your gift arrived by post. This confirms
for the sender that their package arrived to you.

2. Every thank you note must directly reference what you are giving thanks
for. (i.e. Thank you for bringing me dinner when baby and I came home from
the hospital.)

3. If sending thanks as a couple, the note should be written from one
Reference to your partner within the note is the way to go, but only one
person is writing, so only one person should be signing. (i.e. We both very
much appreciate your bringing over dinner. Love, Alexa – or I may write:
Seth and I both are so appreciative of the delicious dinner you brought
over… Love, Alexa)

4. Any paper is fine. Just write without delay! On a side note, I keep a
stack of notes next to my bed (next to my never-ending “to-do list”) so I
may write my notes promptly after a fabulous evening.


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Thank you, Alexa, for your “Notequette” Pointers, and for reminding us that thank you notes, if well written are an excellent opportunity to further strengthen the friendship represented by the occasion, item or act for which you are expressing gratitude.

Readers, I highly recommend and encourage you to follow Alexa’s Instagram feed and shop her website (where you can locate a store near you that carries her product line). She is so incredibly talented and creative, and her work extends well beyond personal correspondence. Her New Orleans roots add an element of festive inspiration to every detail of the befores/durings/afters of entertaining… which you will see at and on Alexa’s Instagram account.

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Alexa Pulitzer’s high spirited creativity gets the party started the minute the mail is delivered…

Alexa Pulitzer

The stylish Alexa Pulitzer. I wonder if one of her creative designs is on that cup she is holding.

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