The Gracious Guest

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here, teeing off the start of many holiday parties.  Will you be a host or a gracious guest? There is nothing better than showing up with the perfect gift for your host. It is a safe bet to go with something related to entertaining. Here are some thoughts with links included:

giant ice cubes, big square ice cube

These giant cubes make quite a statement and help cocktails & beverages keep their cool.  You can customize your cubes by adding your favorite ingredients like citrus twists or fresh mint. Decorative and functional- a great bachelor gift.

best cookbook , comfort food

As you may remember from a previous post, I am a big fan of Alex Hitz. I have this book and it is fantastic…so I ordered a few extra copies…

Christmas candle, best christmas candleOne of my favorite holiday scents… The Nest Holiday Candle.

Best smelling soap, chamomile lavender soap

Something for the powder room:  Lafco Soap, Chamomille Lavender. Have you smelled this heavenly scent?

how to give a good toast

This Book of Toasts is sure to inspire even the shy guest to get up and raise a glass in a memorable, witty way- a perfect entertaining companion, sure to be appreciated by hosts and fellow guests.

 What are you giving for holiday gifts this year? Please share your gift ideas that hosts love to receive- we are always looking for creative new ideas~


  1. Justin Michael says

    I love the gigantic ice cubes Courtney! Very cool idea 🙂

  2. I love the book on toasts! a perfect little gift! Are you having friends or family over for T=Day?

  3. gotta get this cookbook if you recommend! Fab tips! I love that nest candle and the soap! Heaven on earth!

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