Paris: Portrait of a City


Paris – the capital of love and photography:

 Paris, Portrait of a City leads us through what Goethe described as a “universal city where every step upon a bridge or a square recalls a great past, where a fragment of history is unrolled at the corner of every street”.  The history of Paris is recounted in photographs ranging from Daguerre’s early incunabula to the most recent images – an almost complete record of over a century and a half of [Read more…]

Shop Dallas: Taschen Library at the Joule Hotel

Taschen Library at the Joule Hotel

photo credit: Jonathan Zizzo

A Dallas shopping renaissance is underway- on the same block of Main Street as downtown Neiman Marcus is The Joule Hotel, with new upscale shops including the Taschen Library. This gorgeous store is designed for you to [Read more…]

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