Sherle Wagner for Luxury Bath

Sherle Wagner Green Onyx and Gold on www.CourtneyPrice.comEverybody loves the elegance of Sherle Wagner. But if you don’t live in Dallas, Houston, LA, New York City or Miami – you may not have the luxury of walking through a Sherle Wagner showroom on a whim. That’s where I come in….  to take you on a visual tour through the Dallas showroom; it is too good not to share. Sherle Wagner incorporates extraordinary beauty into the utilitarian fixtures of household life, making mundane towel bars, basins, bathtubs, plumbing fixtures more appealing with precious metals, Italian marble, and polished stone. [Read more…]

Sherle Wagner, Yes Please!

Sherle Wagner products have a distinct luxurious look that can be identified across a room. Well worth the Hollywood dollars, search no further for the finest most over the top bathroom sinks and fixtures. Sherle Wagner is the answer to your wildest interior design dreams:

onyx sink and faucet accent, gold faucet

Onyx carved sink (above), 14 ct gold hardware with onyx. Wow.

malachite counter, gold sink

This sink is 24ct gold and the counter is malachite. If you love malachite, check this out.

 rose quartz sink and handles, gold Sherle Wagner

Rose quartz carved sink on pedestal. They find the finest specimens to carve. 24 ct gold and rose quartz handles.

Sherle Wagner handle choices

Handles can be made from any stone you desire, see above. The gold is actual gold, not a finish.  Arent these handsome? If you would like to see more high-end bling for the bathroom, see more Sherle Wagner here.

If you could have sinks and hardware made of any of the stones, which would you chose for yourself? Let us know!

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