Smoked Salmon Appetizer by Chef Derek Paterson

Chef Derek Paterson, Westin Toronto, Canada

There is no better feeling in the world when someone loves your food and they ask for your recipe. When Courtney asked that I do a guest blog spot on her site I was over the moon excited!!! To share with you all one of my recipes and what I love doing most. Courtney was telling me that she has gotten numerous requests for [Read more…]

Grilled Figs for Summer Entertaining

summer entertaining, appetizers on the grill, summer party food, seasonal produce, fig, pancetta, wine pairing appetizerIf you have not tasted grilled figs, you haven’t lived. Figs, even in their all too short season, give us one of the most fought after appetizers…when you try this recipe you’ll know what I mean. This recipe is a great one for entertaining when you are using the grill anyway – if you are searching for 4th of July party food, this recipe is a quick and easy crowd pleaser. Figs, along with their health benefits, have a natural sugar content that only sweetens their great taste when caramelized during their short stay on the grill. The flavor combination of the above ingredients creates that perfect flavor wow factor, hitting all zones of the palette simultaneously ~let me know if you agree!  Happy grilling, and cheers! Sig-Courtney

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Kravet contest

UPDATE: This recipe is winner of the Kravet 4th of July Recipe Contest! Now THAT’s an endorsement!

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