A House is Not a Home- Home Resolutions For the New Year

gold frame and fabric sample

As we step toward 2012, we reflect upon our past year and consider resolutions for how we might live our lives differently moving forward, with disciplined adjustments aimed toward updates and improvements.  When you look at your surroundings at home, do you find that they represent the new you or the old you?  Does your home offer the comforts you value the most? What changes might start the process of transforming it into the home that best functions for you and represents you?

Would you rather that it be more casual? more chic? more updated? more organized? more comfortable? of higher quality? Are you using the rooms in your home in the best way? How would you  like to be influenced by your own surroundings on a day to day basis?

Anything can be achieved- all at once or one step at a time. Dare to dream… A house is not a home without careful planning and attention to detail. What are your home resolutions for the new year?

Happy New Year!

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