High Gloss Interiors


photo via Elle Decor, design by Nate Berkus

High gloss is the most reflective and “blingy” paint finish there is. Because it is the most durable and cleanable, it is a great choice for molding and trim. It is also mildew resistant, making it a good finish for kitchens and bathrooms. I am a big fan of using high gloss in dining rooms because the high sheen creates an elegant sense of depth and drama, reflecting light all around the room. In a design sense, high¬†gloss walls are not for the uncertain or squeamish. They involve considerably more labor and skill than other paint finishes in order to get the paint streak free. Also the walls must be perfectly smooth, seamless and flawless, so wall repairs and resurfacing are likely to need to be done before painting. High gloss paint is unforgiving so it should be done by specialists. ¬†However,

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