Creative Lighting- When Lighting Strikes and Dishes Fly

broken dishes, flying dishes, chandelier, ingo mauer, dining room, kitchenThis lighting installation makes me want to have a dark cozy dining room so I can have a fixture just like it- it is brilliant! Of course, designed by the Ingo Maurer team, does that surprise you? I have a theory that Ingo Maurer customers must enjoy life significantly more than those who play it safe with lighting design decisions. Ingo Maurer designs are SO full of life, creativity, humor and energy. Would you have this in your home?

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European Lighting Trends 2013

Ship chandelier

Behold the creative European lighting trends of 2013. One of the artists featured at Amesterdam’s Frozen Fountain is Hans van Benthum.  His whimsical style of lighting (above and below) as art is so [Read more…]

How High Should You Hang a Chandelier?

chandelier height

photo credit: murano imports

If you have to walk under the chandelier, you want to allow for clearance of 7-8 feet from the floor. If the ceiling is super high, consult your designer.

If it is over a table, you want it 30-36 feet from the table, depending on the fixture.

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