We Are Talking Bath Trends at Huff Post Home!

HUFF POST -Bath-Trends, Huffington Post Home

Last post was Home Furnishing trends from ICFF, this one: Bath Trends! Bath design is more luxurious than ever… Come see what all the excitement is about over at Huff Post Home!

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Come See Me over at Huff Post Home for some Outdoor Design Talk!

Outdoor Design, Huffington Post Home

Today I am over at Huff Post Home discussing some stylish outdoor trends… and who we have to thank for the trends we are enjoying… the outdoor design is better than ever! Take a look and let us know what you like best:  go to article 

Design Bloggers Conference Highlights in Huffington Post Home

Courtney Price, Huffington Post, design bloggers conference

I’m at Huffington Post Home this week sharing Top Design Highlights from Design Bloggers Conference. I have recapped presentations of keynote interior design word legends Newell Turner, Charlotte Moss, Barbara Barry and Windsor Smith…and filled you in on who else presented at this star-studded conference.  Head over to Huffington Post Home to check it out!


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