Console Yourself – Console Tables In Interior Design

Console tables have a long history of being a hot commodity among designers because of their functionality and good looks.

The photo below of Coco Chanel’s foyer in Paris highlights the console table’s ability to transform interiors:

coco chanel's paris foyer

photo credit: Isabel Perdomo

History of the Console Table:

Console tables come to us from french furniture designs of the 18th century. Originally, they were small, half-moon shaped tables fastened to the wall at counter height with a “console”, which is a little curved bracket. Sometimes these special little tables had front legs to make it look like it was free-standing. Eventually, they did become free-standing, still with the half-moon shape, or sometimes a small rectangular shape. Over time, these little tables evolved to become as useful as they were decorative.

2 tiered console

Sleek update of the console, available for purchase.

contemporary console table

Contemporary console above, available for purchase.

French Console

Antique console, Louis XV, available for purchase.

gold console

The above is a gilded Louis XV console with marble top.

Louis XV walnut console

Another Louis XV console, this time made of walnut, that auctioned recently at Bonhams.

German Rococo faux marble and oak console

German Rococo faux marble and oak console that auctioned recently at Bonhams as well.

console bedside table

Pair of console bedside tables used in classic meets contemporary feel, photo courtesy of desiretoinspire.

Whatever your personal style, a console table is a beautiful addition to any room. If you would like help locating a console for your home let us know.

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