Storage Upgrades: Drawers

A few  ideas to add function, style and convenience to your storage:

1) refrigerated beverage drawers:

refrigerator drawer

~photo credit~

2) Make your shelves drawer-like for better access. What a brilliant idea to maximize space and keep things organized. No need to call in the professionals, this can be an easy DIY project.

drawer shelves

~Photo Credit~    DIY Resource

3) Outlets in the drawers.  Need I say more? Your counters will thank you! Great idea.

outlets inside drawer

Photo Credit 

4) Luxury Drawer Liners- Infuse your clothes with the luxurious scent of Jo Malone  by lining your drawers with lime, basil and mandarin liners.

scented drawer liners

Which of these ideas enthuses you most? If you have other drawer upgrades or organizational tips  to share, please comment or send them in!

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