Luxury Closets

Closets You Will Not Want to Come Out Of.

Closets are often one of the least considered, yet most important spaces in the home. If you think about it, you might spend more time than you realize in the closet – it sets the tone for the beginning and end of each day. I know my closet could use a little organizational help, so I definitely spend more time than necessary trying to navigate my belongings and figure out outfits. Which gets me to the point— customized closets rock, you can find everything in them and they are gorgeous. Especially these closets by the Brazilian company Ornare, which just graced Dallas with a showroom this spring, their second showroom in the US showcasing hot kitchen, bath and closet design, all custom. Whether open concept or with closed doors, each inch of a closet space is meant to be designed for the client’s specific needs and lifestyle. This level of detail creates very intimate spaces. Visit the showroom and you will feel the uniqueness.

Luxury Closet, Custom closet

The closet should be an extension of the client’s [Read more…]

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