Blogger Retreat in Canada

Blogger Retreat, Canada, Canadian Private Resort, Treehouse, Adult Treehouse, bloggers

photo credit: Tristan Knowlton

Ahhh… just back from a trip that will rank high in the memories of a lifetime. The Blogger Retreat was an intimate gathering two hours outside of Toronto hosted by [Read more…]

Brizo Blogger 19 Reunion

Brizo Blogger 19

One of the highest honors of Interior Design Blogging is to be chosen to be one of Brizo’s “Blogger19”.

Who are the Blogger 19: [Read more…]

Kitchen Technology by Brizo

Smart Touch Faucet, touch on touch off faucet

As I prepare food in my kitchen this holiday season, thinking about all that I am thankful for, ¬†I have to say, my Brizo kitchen faucet with Smart Touch and MagneDock¬†technology is one of the things that come to mind, and not just because [Read more…]

Brizo Evening at Sur La Table

Sur La Table store Manhattan

So, this might be a little bit out of sequence. However comma, it is an event worth sharing. It was our second evening in NYC with the Brizo team, and we had just finished a glorious mind expanding day of being educated on the Brizo products- OMG- to think that [Read more…]

What To Wear

What to wear to the Jason Wu Fashion Show… These photos are from his Fall Collection- they raise the bar pretty high:

Jason Wu Fall Collection

images via Vogue

Any thoughts? Pointers? What would you pack?

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