Inspired By: Ingo Maurer’s Bernhard Dessecker

lighting design, Bernhard Dessecker, Ingo Mauer, lighting designer

I had the pleasure of meeting the brilliantly inspired Berhard Dessecker, lighting designer and developer for Ingo Maurer. Bernhard is a composed, thoughtful conversationalist – and he is modest about his talent level. When you see his lighting design, which reflects a higher state of mind and creativity, and pushes the boundaries of technology and engineering, it might astound you that he could possibly be humble. Humility is often a quality of the truly gifted, which tends to allow for more great things to manifest. ¬†Bernhard was in Dallas from Germany to help prepare for the Scott & Cooner opening last month, which was an unbelievable event by the way. When I first met him he was installing a stunning LED installation in the showroom. ¬†He has designed lighting with Ingo Maurer for 29 years, both for the wildly inspired product line and for private and public installations. Lets take a look at a few of his brilliant installations: [Read more…]