Alex Hitz Cookbooks: And the Winner Is…

Alex Hitz,  Silverware, fine silver, Francis 1 pattern

The two winners of this amazing cookbook are: [Read more…]

Inspired By: Alex Hitz

Alex Hitz, fountain

It is holiday time again and the bar is raised for family entertaining that will do justice to honoring mothers. Let’s face it- it can be intimidating to cook for a good cook. I decided to call in the expert for some entertaining encouragement and advice… drumroll….. Please welcome ALEX HITZ for a delightful interview! Lucky us. Alex has generously shared his time and talents with us and even given us the bonus of photographs that will make you swoon. Put on your entertaining seatbelt for this visual feast that is about to follow! [Read more…]

Alex Hitz- chef, designer, entertainer

Last weekend my husband and I went out of town. I brought a stack of magazines to go through- my travel indulgence.   The November issue of House Beautiful introduced me to Alex Hitz… southerner gone californian, talented chef AND designer AND avid entertainer- wow! How did I not know about this inspirational man of many talents?!  I could not get enough of this article on him. Below are my thoughts when I was looking at the spread on his home.  House for entertaining

If you get my drift, I was thinking love-love-love about most every detail of his design as I slowed down to absorb the photos. The southern influence shows in the table setting, also revealed through his design style- very handsome, a great mix of classic & contemporary, obviously someone who grew up around nice things. Boy does he have an eye for design. [Read more…]

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