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Thought I would share a little of what is inspiring me these days in the way of table settings…

Set the table on

 This table was my absolutely favorite from the Architectural Digest DIFFA tables last year. The elegant attention to detail, color, proportion and theme made this table absolutely stunning. Unlike many tablescape event tables, this one was designed with the perfect amount of restraint and discipline, where people sitting at this table would actually be able to enjoy cross table conversations and food.

Simple table setting Stemware

Simple and elegant. This setting lets the stemware and candle light play off of each other with simple, sophisticated flower arrangements that will not impede conversation.

Table Setting succulents, Set the table on

 Clever use of succulents.

Alex Hitz Place Setting on

 Alex Hitz: Classy. Classic. If you have the finer things in life, USE them!

Table setting orange produce accents on

 Here citrus makes a beautiful design statement.

Ralph Lauren Table setting on

Ralph Lauren, rustic, balanced, classic. (but good luck conversing with anybody across the table.)

table setting Julie Lloyd on

Julie Lloyd, master entertainer, has endless ways to creatively set a table. It is always an honor to be a guest at her table.

Coral Table Theme on

This very feminine and sweet coral theme, or is it Carl?

Mushroom Placecard holder on

 The focus here is on the guest. Detailed, unfussy, the rest of the table was refreshingly simple. But once the meal is served, the table theme is gone. Sidenote: this is the only time in my entire life I have ever had a nice thought about baby’s breath… it works here.

Table Setting Guide on

If in doubt, look it up.   For a little refresher on place setting etiquette from Emily Post, see Table Setting Guide.

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  1. Love that statement, “if you have the finer things, use them” – such a great point to remember. Many of us have china or family heirlooms which we save hidden away in a drawer somewhere. Yes, family lives may be busy but why not have a once a month dinner dress up day? Pull out the good stuff and those with kids… Teach them how to be careful with and cherish nice things. Just a thought… I’m inspired, thank you.

  2. I agree! I use my china and crystal often ! Adore the simple and elegant centerpieces, especially the single wrapped flower stem in vase. For quick and easy, I often just cut some greenery from the garden and add a flower or two.

  3. Gorgeous! One day I will get good at this:) Right now it seems so overwhelming! Setting a beautiful table is an art form in and of itself!

  4. all so beautiful! But you know which are my favorites!! Julie’s of course! Great photos.

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