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The official first day of summer is tomorrow. Are you ready for the season? Browse through our GirlTECH summer check list to stock up on any of the latest greatest summertime products that catch your eye… readying you for outdoors, indoors, summer shoes and a cool night’s sleep. Bring on Summer!


Better than Waterproofing, LIFEPROOF your phones cases:

Lifejacket floating phone case on

LifeProof phone protection on

These cases are waterproof, shockproof, dirt-proof and snow-proof, and can be submerged in up to 6.6′ of water for up to an hour, and withstand a 6.6′ drop (military standards).  The above lifejacket case will FLOAT in the water. The below Fre Series case fits into the above case.

Portable  Water-Resistant Speaker: Mira by Braven:

Bluetooth audio made for your home, designed with an integrated multi-purpose hook to hang or use as a stand, this lightweight little portable speaker is water-resistant. Control volume, change tracks and power it on/off with its front controls.  Download the Mira app to stream, create unique playlists and control your speaker. Battery lasts 10 hours. $99.99, comes in black or grey. Mira by Braven.



Water resistant portable speaker with ring to hang or stand on

Get Beach feet ready with the Emjoi Micro-Pedi:

 This great little device makes quick work of smoothing your feet, without overdoing the job.  Much safer than salon razors (we have heard the horror stories), this gadget will spoil you. Must have for flip-flop season: Emjoi Micro-Pedi.

MicroPedi, the ultimate home pedicure tool to smooth your feet for summer shoe season, on

Mosquito Racket

The warm summer weather means it’s time to hit the outdoors for all your favorite activities. Whether it’s hiking during the day or enjoying a bonfire a night, don’t be slowed down by the season’s worst bugs. The new Stinger® On-the-Go Bug Zapper Racket keeps you pest-free wherever you are without worrying about the bite and dreaded next-day itch.

Lightweight and compact, the Bug Zapper Racket is the ideal “mini” size for easy travel. The 2000 volts of zapping power take care of any mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, flies and moths. And the rapid electrical discharge time reduces the chances of aftershock, making the device safe for use. Personalize the Racket by opting for the popular pink and camouflage options. A good one for young outdoor enthusiasts who might want to help out while dinner is being grilled, the Stinger On-the-Go Bug Zapper Racket will help you make the most of all your summer events.

Mosquito Racket - LED bug zapper on

Stinger Fly Trap

Despite their small size, summer flies can become a huge annoyance if you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. This cute contraption is an all natural alternative to bug spray, with a 10-20′ reach. It lures the tiny flies (not mosquitos) into the concealed bag inside, which can be replaced with refill bags, every 30 days. The lure is made of food-grade, natural ingredients.  This device sells for $9.99 at Walmart.

 flytrap for the tiny pests


Something for the grillers  – Grillbot

 While grilling is fun, cleaning is not. What you need is a neat little automated “jeeves” to scrub the filth away, leaving you to pour a drink and enjoy your guests. Bring on the Grillbot, a cute, single button operated bot that perches on your grill and lives to clean. It works automatically on both gas and charcoal grills (hot or cold).grillbot grill gadget to clean a hot or cooled off grill while you enjoy your food/guests on

 QUIETSET Tabletop fan with Sleep & White-Noise settings:

For those who want the breeze without the sound of a motor, this little fan delivers a nice cool blast with the features of a sleep machine to lull you into a nice cool dream state. Also good for an office setting to offer a little white noise. It sells for $39.99 at Walmart. cool Zzzzzs….Honeywell-Quietset-Table-Fan

If you know of any other great summer gadgets to add to the list, please comment and share your tech finds~ Have a wonderful summer!

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  1. the grillbot is genius! my husband would really appreciate it.

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