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Social Media is a profession that should be taken seriously, with the right people in place. Brands need to be thoughtful about the story they tell, which goes beyond planned content to watchful monitoring and diplomatic responses. Missteps have long-standing consequences and examples are memorable, for example: Kitchenaid’s misstep during the Obama election. An immature, unseasoned employee decided to be “funny” by tweeting a political smear in poor taste on election night, making the horrific error on the brand’s account rather than his/her personal account. The offensive tweet was instantly seen by the masses and went viral.

Its prompt removal did little to restore the damage to the brand.  

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McDonald’s also experienced an embarrassing blunder, foolishly offering political opinions that are most definitely brand inappropriate. Their situation was poorly handled with the “our account got hacked” excuse, but again, it was officially out there and was seen by the masses.

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Chrysler’s irresponsible F-bomb tweet put the high beams on their need for a social media tune-up.

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Once published, even a swift delete is hardly a “do over” in today’s screen capturing digital age. From 2010 to January 2018 ALL tweets (even deleted ones) were archived by the Library of Congress. Even now the Library of Congress continues to acquire tweets on a selective basis. 

To make a bad situation worse, negative pushback to these foolish blunders directly impacts Google search results for the brand. Search results yield

1) what Google considers to be relevant based on the keywords entered


2) what kind of information is being discussed lately. Bad news travels fast and has a way of lingering.

Social Responsibility

Social media is serious business.  The right people need to be in place to handle brand reputation responsibly.