Smoked Salmon Club Tacos

Costco Smoked Salmon Tacos- easy and delicious! on Salmon Club Tacos are quick, easy, and delicious. They are the perfect lunch or dinner for the on-the-go family. A taco aficionado friend of ours says these are the best tacos he has ever had- and that’s high praise from a proud Texan. I’ll accept the compliment and share how to make this delicious meal. There will be no exact measurements, because you won’t need them. Everything is scalable to appetite and number of mouths you will be feeding.

Smoked Salmon Club Tacos -- seriously delicious, 10 min prep time- on


Smoked Salmon*

Corn tortillas (or flour if you prefer)

Pico de gallo (you can buy this at the store or make it yourself)

Iceberg lettuce, sliced into ribbons

“The Secret Sauce” : Sriracha Mayo (a mixture of mayo and sriracha, however strong you like it)

Crispy bacon to top off the tacos

jalapeños optional, if you can stand the heat

This Smoked Salmon from costco makes some awesome meals- see the salmon club tacos on*Let’s talk about the Smoked Salmon.

The salmon you see in the photo above is from Costco. It is fantastic. It is short smoked salmon, aka hot smoked salmon, the thicker, opaque variety. If you have a smoker, we will be getting around to how to short smoke salmon in a future article, but until then, Costco sells a high quality Honey Smoked Salmon that is fantastic. Their salmon is so good that we stopped smoking our own when we discovered it. We love Costco. They have a way of making quality items our conveniences, which allows for some great healthy meals during the week. I have been noticing their inventory get healthier and healthier, which thrills me.

If you don’t have access to SMOKED SALMON or a COSTCO, grilled salmon would be excellent as well.

How To Make the Best Fish Taco on the planet: on, so back to the tacos. Line up your ingredients for easy production.  Warm your tortillas in the oven (wrap in foil and place in a low oven).  Put the salmon on a dish, sprinkle a little bit of water over the top,  and either warm it briefly in the microwave or in the oven. Remove a few tortillas out of the oven at a time out as you are ready to assemble tacos. I usually do about two at a time.

Healthy Salmon Tacos- Best Fish Taco on the planet: on with a baseline of the “Secret Sauce”

Smoked Salmon Club Tacos- Best Fish Taco on the planet: on the salmon. As much as you see appropriate. My husband prefers that I err on the side of excess when it comes to protein for him.

DIY Fish Tacos- Best Fish Taco on the planet: on start layering up, with the lettuce…

Quick + Easy Smoked Salmon Tacos- Best Fish Taco on the planet: on the pico, and any extra jalapeños you might want

 Best Fish Taco on the planet: quick, easy, delicious-  on top them off with bacon to add a nice crunch factor. These tacos are delicious. If you have a Costco near you, I predict you may fall in love with this salmon too.

 Just so you know, our ENTIRE FAMILY loves Costco, especially the dog- Blizzard. She is the pickiest dog on the planet when it comes to treats, but she is OBSESSED with a certain brand of chicken flavored, teeth cleaning NUBZ treats that I found at Costco. Costco, if you are reading this, don’t run out of these treats.  Blizzard is so ALL ABOUT them that she will try to psyche me out like she wants to go outside –ASAP, and who would be fool enough to argue with a dog who will tell you those things?  Not I, and boy does she know it.  Once we get to the back door, she will turn on a dime, dart into the kitchen to where we keep the treats, point up at the counter with her nose, while wagging and fussing her directives. This dog is lobbying to change the treat policy around here to the all-you-can-eat rule. Nice try, Blizzard…

Costco Spokesdog, Nubz Treat Brand Ambassador - Blizzard Price Blizzard Price: Spokesdog. Treatdigger. 

Anyway, back to the tacos. Try them, I have a hunch that you will love em!

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