Small Space Solution: Mirrors

Mirrors add depth, light, beauty and dimension to rooms.  Here are some gorgeous  mirrors to consider using if you want to stylishly open up a small space.

coral mirror

36″x47″ or 22″round, this mirror would be great in a home near the water or as a feminine touch to a room.

pier mirror

17″x59″ or 17″x76″, this mirror would be incredibly cool used in a sequence of 3 or more.

French Mirror

43″x60, 35″x47″,26″x38″  This French mirror style is one of my favorites, always a classic.

mother of pearl and bone mirror

26″x36″ This handsome horn and mother of pearl mirror looks so Ralph Lauren to me.

indian mirror

27″x47″ This exotic mirror almost gives one a passageway to another time and place, it looks like something Martyn Lawrence-Bullard might have used in his design for Cher’s place.

If you would like more information or to purchase any of these mirrors, please contact us.


  1. These mirrors could each have a home in mine. They are lovely. I especially love the graphic horn and mother of pearl mirror. Bravo collection.

  2. LOVE the first one. Very different. Lynn

  3. ooohhh!!! I love the first one! and the third one! Great picks.

  4. absolutely love the pearl mirror! great!

    ps: found your blog through the ad class we took tonight! inspiring and so fun 🙂

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