Sleeper Sofa- Finally, an Attractive One

Note to self:

Never say never….

fiona sleeper sofa

 I eat my words. I eat the terrible thoughts I have had for years about sleeper sofas being eye sores. Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, cheers to them, have designed a beautiful sleeper sofa. One that I would proudly have in my own home. It is the Fiona Super Luxe Queen Sleeper, 84″W x 39″D x 31″H, $3800

sleeper sofa, mitchell Gold, fiona, queen sleeper

 Thanks House Beautiful for this discovery.


  1. wao!! This IS a beautiful sofa!! Thanks for the intro!

  2. Shocking! Any information on the mattress quality?

  3. That is definitely a sleeper sofa I would allow into my house.

  4. Rob McClain says

    I was about to purchase a sleeper sofa made by American Leather (Comfort Sleeper with Tempur-Pedic mattress) but then saw the Fiona Super Luxe which has a pillow-top mattress which I think not only felt better to lie on, but is obviously better looking with better fabric options. You can also upgrade the cushions to down filled. I ordered one and am anxious to replace a day bed in a spare room and convert the room to a reading and TV room.

  5. Duane Evans says

    It must still have the dreadful middle bar of most sleeper sofas or they would be touting the lack of it in their sparse description of this product.

  6. It’s a very attractive sleeper sofa, indeed.

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