Magazine Street Shopping in New Orleans: Scriptura

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5423 Magazine Street  New Orleans, LA  70115  504-897-1555

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 A mandatory stop during my Magazine Street shopping: Scriptura. This store is nestled into a two block zone full of charming Uptown Magazine Street stores (one block away from Hazelnut). For years, whenever I have gone back home even for a day, this is one place that I have felt I must go to stock up on gifts.  This is the way to take home New Orleans elegance without being touristy, or order fine stationary and invitations, pick up an elegant notebook or fountain pen… if you love desk accessories or fine papers, this is your place.

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 Think of it as New Orleans’ version of what Kates Paperie in New York used to be years ago.

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 I have to confess- I leave room in my suitcase for this place. Because of great selection of interesting New Orleans books, gorgeous notepads, correspondence cards, and amusing gifts, I never leave this place without a stash of future hostess gifts, trip presents and presents for me. (At least I’m honest!)

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 It is always tempting to sneak this lovely dog out… but he would be missed. Next time you are in New Orleans, indulge in a stop by this wonderful store!

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  1. Beautiful post! I need to spend more time hand writing to people. I have lost that with email and know how much more special it is to do it now.

    • Then you would go crazy in this store, Laurie. I completely agree with you. In today’s world it is like receiving a gift to get a beautiful hand-written note in the mail. I always get inspired when I go in this place.

  2. Courtney, you are killing me! I’ve never been to New Orleans and it’s the one destination in the U.S. that I am dying to go to. Plus, you’re hitting the shopping hot spots. Perfect for this master shopper.

  3. Hey Girl,
    Are you from New Orleans? I didn’t know, I guess I thought you were from Texas. This store looks fab, and I hope I get a chance to check out when I am in New Orleans in April for KBIS, will you be there then? Hugs! C

    • Hi Carmen, yes I grew up in New Orleans. I see that you will be a star at KBIS, congrats! When in NOLA definitely check out this place, you will love it- right up your stylish alley. I put these posts together for all of you attending. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. “Think of it as New Orleans’ version of what Kates Paperie in New York used to be years ago.” Gosh – I want to visit!! I already have my eye on a copy of New Orleans New Elegance…

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