Shop Dallas: Mecox Gardens for Interior Design Inspiration

Mecox Store Dallas, home furnishings, white furniture, accessories, art, 75205

Want to shop Dallas in a charming store full of fresh, creative, up beat furnishings and accessories? Run, don’t walk, straight over to Mecox, in the Knox Henderson area of Dallas. You will be welcomed graciously by the lovely staff, who knows just the right touch when it comes to being helpful without stalking you. Decor eye candy is everywhere, and you are likely to mentally exit right into your own dream world of “what if” as you visually and quite possibly LITERALLY redo your entire house with the beautiful things you will encounter.

Entertaining Accessories, Tablescape, Mecox Store Dallas, home furnishings, white furniture, accessories, art, 75205

 Mecox covers the bases for living well and entertaining impressively. The people behind the look have wonderful taste and vision…I think of them as life stylists. They really know how to create a warm and inviting look.

Cool dog accessories, bronze dog, bookends, table top accessories, dogs

 A dash of animal in a design scheme tends to have a comforting effect. These dogs are amazing and I can well imagine them in my own home… so don’t get any ideas before I rush back there to snap them up!!!

David Lee

“We like to think of the store as our living room-”  -David Lee, Manager

No wonder I feel so welcome there…. OK, I will stop talking and let you shop:

Decorative Pillows, throw pillows, custom pillows, accessories, home furnishings, interior design, decorating, dallas

Side Table, cocktail table, drinks table, decorative table, silver table

Decorative Shell, big shell bowl, table top accessories, summer decor, beach house decor Crystal Lamp, mineral lamp, amber lamp, natural rock specimen lamp Contemporary Outdoor Seating, modern outdoor, outdoor chair, big white wicker chair Amethyst lamp Big Decorative Dogs, dog statues Bright decorative pillows, orange pillows, green pillows

Lucite mounted Amethyst , amethyst chunk, geode

 Mecox has a variety of items from well-chosen vendors, along with one of a kind pieces, and a nice selection of locally created pieces, making this Dallas Mecox store unique.  There are eight stores total, with locations in Southampton, East Hampton, New York City, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston, all bearing their own imprints of great style. It is one of my go-to gift shopping places. The only problem is, I get a case of the “me too” syndrome every time I find something that would make a great gift. It is next to impossible to leave there empty-handed. I dare you…



  1. Love this store!

  2. Another great find you have put us on to! Must shop….of course I love the dogs and white antler mount!

  3. Next time I’m in Dallas, I’ll have to check it out Courtney! Showroom looks beautiful, and full of inspiration!


  4. I LOVE me some Mecox Gardens! I hang at the Houston store all the time. I am on vacation this week and might venture into the Palm Beach location tomorrow. Yippee!

  5. Courtney we are beyond flattered that someone with such exquisite taste and devoted followers as you would mention us on your blog! We love following your posts – your classic sensibility and curatorial eye for all things fabulous keep us constantly inspired! Thank you so very much for your kind words about our store and our team.

  6. I love me some Mecox! We have one in Chicago as well 🙂


  1. […] The prize was a $500 gift certificate to Mecox, one of my favorite stores~ I have written about how much I love this store… so needless to say, I was THRILLED, ELATED, BESIDE […]

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