Queen Victoria and Photography

A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography February 4–June 8, 2014 at the Getty Center

Queen Victoria, photography of Queen Victoria, Getty exhibit, portrait of queen victoria

In 1839, just two years after Victoria became queen of Great Britain and Ireland, the medium of photography was announced to the world. This exhibition explores the relationship between the new art and the young queen, whose passion for collecting photographs began in the 1840s and whose photographic image became synonymous with an entire age. With important loans from The Royal Collection shown alongside masterpieces from the Getty Museum, the exhibition displays rare daguerreotypes, private portraits of the Royal Family, and a selection of prints by early masters such as William Henry Fox Talbot, Roger Fenton, and Julia Margaret Cameron. Enjoy a sneak preview of the exhibit starting tomorrow at the Getty Center in Los Angeles:

Queen Victoria, photography collection, Getty exhibit, men in Top Hats, top hats, old photographs, black and white photography

Queen Victoria, photography, black & white,Architectural photography, Getty Museum

Queen Victoria, portrait session, Getty photographs, Getty exhibit

Queen Victoria, Art museum, photography, Getty collection, getty museum, art gallery, art collection, old photographs, original photographs

 It is truly wondrous to consider how photography has evolved from these origins to present date, where we now take images so for granted. The Queen would have been all over instagram. This exhibit, curated by Anne Lyden, offers a historical perspective check that we should all see.

For hours and directions to the Getty Center and the Getty Villa, link here.


  1. Amazing, hmm have to check my travel schedule. This is an exhibit I don’t want to miss.

  2. I would love to see an exhibit such as this – I always wonder how long those people had to remain still in the early days of photography …

  3. I didn’t know any of this. SO interesting. What a modern queen! I wish the exhibit were closer. I have some of my grandmother’s photographs from when she was a little girl and they are so amazing. I want to blow-them up, print and frame.

  4. A very fascinating insight 😉

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