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I titled this Photo Tips For The HOLIDAYS, but today’s pointers are brilliant for everyday use. I polled some of the photographers I admire, who graciously shared a tip that might benefit the rest of us. We can make our holiday memories all the better with a few insights from photographers who automatically think on a higher plane.  These people effortlessly think like a camera, in terms of the 2-D photo rather than the 3-D world in which they stand at that moment- knowing how and what to adjust in advance. May their talents transfer to us, via the following photo tips…

Paul Anater-PHOTO TIPS on www.CourtneyPrice.comPaul Anater:

My tip is that a well-composed photograph demonstrates a skill that can be learned and not an art somebody’s has to be born with. The first step to learning composition is to teach yourself to see the world the way your camera sees it. Let go of what you can see in a scene and instead, concentrate on the version of the same scene that’s visible through a view finder. There’s a profound difference between those two things and the better you can train your eye to see like a view finder the better a photographer you’ll be.

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Louise de Miranda PHOTO TIPS on www.CourtneyPrice.comLouise de Miranda:

Tip: Photograph from above
When photographing the table setting, your food or presents, try photographing them from above. Stand up and hover your camera above the subject until you have the perfect composition. Make sure you don’t place the subject in the middle to make the frame more interesting.

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PHOTO TIPS (Susan Serra) on www.CourtneyPrice.comSusan Serra:

See the light! Photography is all about the capture of light, but we often forget to look at the beautiful forms that light can create. Light can indeed be the subject of a photograph, a capture of nature’s beauty at one moment in time. And, no worries, you don’t need a fancy camera. This was taken with my smart phone!

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Kathy Sandler PHOTO TIPS on www.CourtneyPrice.comKathy Sandler:

My tip and a pet peeve:

I like to find the stolen moments that occur during large gatherings. I took this photo of a Yorkshire Terrier at a crowded equestrian event. In an arena full of riders, spectators and horses, I found this pint-sized cutie relaxing with his hind legs in his owner’s lap. I imagine it was due to exhaustion because it’s leash, a heavy lead rope meant for a walking horse, weighs almost as much as the dog!

In a celebration crowded with family and friends, use the zoom feature on your camera to capture the precious moments within the bigger picture: A quiet interaction between mother and child; two generations deeply engaged in conversation; the look of gratitude that moves across someone’s face as they take in the wonder of it all.

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Mimosa Lane Photo PHOTO TIPS on www.CourtneyPrice.comAlbertina Cisneros:

Use natural lighting when possible. People love a bright and clear photo.

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Janet Whalen Photo PHOTO TIPS on www.CourtneyPrice.comJanet Whalen:

When photographing kids, get down on their level and make sure they’re comfortable before you start. Have them touch/hug each other – or even tickle each other – to make them giggle and loosen up a bit. Talk to them/engage with them the whole time and you should have success!

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 Thank you Paul, Louise, Susan, Kathy, Albertina and Janet… you are inspiring. I will definitely be applying your pointers – and following your Instagram feeds~

Happy Holidays!


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