“Needs A Caption” Contest: BlogTour Characters

Needs A Caption, Caption contest, win $50

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Other times, worth much much more. CourtneyPrice.com is launching a NEEDS A CAPTION contest – winner will receive a $50 American Express Gift Card. Here are the rules: 1) Comment below on any or all of the photos 2) Be sure to list # of the picture you are commenting on 3) Additional caption entries on Facebook page get extra credit 4) additional contact outside of contest parameters will result in disqualification 5) Contest ends Friday Morning Feb 1, 2013 and winner will be announced via blog post 6) An editorial team will choose winner and reserves the right to not publish obscene or inappropriate entries  7) Must have valid US mailing address (wait until you are contacted to give address)  9) Additional votes for an entry will not influence winner selection 10) make us laugh…

Win $50 Gift card,Needs A Caption, Caption contest, win $50

Needs A Caption, Caption contest, win $50

Needs A Caption, Caption contest, win $50

Thanks to BlogTour bloggers for not being camera-shy.  Contestants: Good luck!


  1. This is hilarious! Thinking of captions now!

  2. Great competition Courtney! Thinking of captions and will come back and give you something 🙂


  3. Brilliant! The photo of Lisa and Sarah is inspired.

  4. Ok, Here goes Mrs. quoted in HB twice this month! Go Girl!

    1)Help Mr. Bond, It’s cold out here in the snow without a coat, won’t you save us?
    2) I said you “you need a shirt if you are going to wear a crown”
    3) So this is what my great, great, great, great grandfather looked like, nice nose!
    4) Finally off the train, alone at last…I’m so fabulous!

  5. these photos are soooooo GOOD! Sensational. Great sense of humor…I’m so bad and unfunny….but here is my try
    1- I do love window shopping. Glad he is back in stock.
    2- can you hear me now?
    3- my roman twin
    4- Its almost like wearing sweatpants.

  6. Great idea, Courtney!

    #2 – “There’s no need to shout, I just wanted to know where you got your shoes!”

    #4 – No one ever judged Brandon for his antics… Until of course, we all realized he was wearing a white belt in January. (Love you, B!)

  7. #2 “Hey! I want your awesome shoes!”
    #3 “If you had glasses and real hair, we’d be twins.”
    #4 “Velvetty heaven…BlogTour Bliss!”

  8. Addition to the caption of #2:
    “I need your coat, it’s chilly.” “Ok, but I’ll have to have your shoes!”

  9. This is super fun, Courtney!

  10. 1. Reflections of Bond Girl wanna-be’s –

    2. “Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me.”
    William Shakespeare
    3. Amsterdam or BUST!
    4. Once a superstar, now just a sleeper!

  11. 1. “OK, OK. Maybe if I sit here, real still for a minute, those two girls will go away.”
    2. “What you doin’ down there, Mr. “old guy with no hair”?” “What you doin’ up there, Mr. “I can’t afford a shirt even though I’m a king”?”.
    3. Who’s gonna blink first?
    4. Concept for magazine cover (insert – actual cover).

  12. #3 I came, I saw, I conquered BlogtourCGN!!
    (these are all so great!!!)

  13. #1 –Holy crap that’s Daniel Craig!

    #2 –Tim, lower your voice.

    #3 — Repeat after me; I was born during the Roman Empire.

    #4 — When is nap time?

  14. 1. OMG…..James Bond…..Daniel Craig…..DUUUUUUDE……..pay attention
    2. I said “BlogTourCGN is causing a ruckus”
    3. Hmmm….My hair looks pretty darn good – Thank you AquaNet.
    4. Velvety Heaven – Leave me be

  15. Courtney – just priceless and wow are you talented!
    #1 “Hello. Mr. Bond. We’re teachers on sabbatical and we’ve just won the lottery.”
    #2 “By tomorrow, we will be good friends. Let us drink to that!”
    #3: “Your sense of humor does not sway me.”
    #4 “It’s better for the whole world to know you, even as design blogger, than never to be known at all.”

  16. From the ever creative Courtney Price… making my morning fun… I’m in…

    1) Gorgeous! Stunning! Eye Candy!…Do you think it is Mahogany?

    2) Made you blink

    3) Why are you SHOUTING I’m right down here

    4) Crash velvet

    Note: #1 was a toss-up with “Peeping Tinas”

  17. The Keeper caption. Disregard other please.
    #3 – “You too got your nose job from Dr. Naso in Rome”?

  18. Courtney, first of all, I love your needs a caption concept, your photography is amazing, and you have the best sense of humor. Secondly, it’s taken me a full day to come up with these captions:
    1 I’m tired of women making such a scene where ever I go.
    2 Can you hear me now?!
    3 I can’t look away.
    4 I love velvet.

  19. Fun pics! Here’s my attempt at humor:
    1. Blogtour. Cologne Blogtour.
    2. Ok Tim, once more, and louder this time. Riiiiiiiicola!
    3. Pssst…hey Paul – is it true they named a casino after me?
    4. After a long day at Living Kitchen, Brandon sneaks in a nap at the Austin Powers booth.

  20. Ok again, hilarious. Sarah’s #1 is too funny!

    3. Wait, have we met?
    4. I just CAN’T look at any more gorgeous furniture!

  21. 1. Bond studies the Queens collection of portraits of evil wrong doers but hasn’t found the notorious BlogTour giggle sisters yet.
    2. Tim and his new friend enjoy their invisible baguettes.
    3. Paul decides that Botox isn’t for him. Not if that’s what it does for facial mobility.
    4. The work experience boy has gone missing again – time to search the bed showroom.


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