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After two long BlogTour days on our feet at IMM and Living Kitchen, Modenus and Mr. Steam were thoughtful enough to arrange a lovely evening at a European Spa for the group to relax and learn first hand about the benefits of steam.

Claudius Therme is a deluxe spa, perhaps it replaces the American notion of a country club, what a healthy concept. Locals have memberships and head there straight after work, well aware of the value of stress management in the bigger picture of living well.  The place is fascinating- first timers receive a map because of its size and scope.  There are spa service areas, dining rooms, saunas and steam rooms for those seeking heat (see Paul’s post for his experience of being “that American guy” in a german sauna), …and the pool for the rest of us. The big saltwater pool is indoor/outdoor and in one outdoor area the pool encircles a giant elevated hot tub.

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This is where most of the group convened, talking design in the warmth of jetted water and steam while snow fell from above…a surreal experience.  The pool that encircles the hot tub has a current that carries swimming or floating spa patrons around repeatedly like kids at an amusement park. Afterwards the extremely relaxed group went upstairs to the dining room for a luxurious 4 course dinner – attire: bathrobes over swimsuits. Yes, white spa bathrobes!  No cameras were allowed, thank goodness.

So what did we talk about? Of course about the Mr. Steam showers that we would all be ordering for ourselves and our clients – decked out with the options of chromatherapy, music AND aromatherapy. We discussed the respiratory, relaxation, anti-aging and sleep benefits of steam… and the must have towel warmers that come with the option of aromatherapy as well.  After an evening of pampering generously sponsored by Mr. Steam,  this group is now officially steam obsessed!!

Here are a few reasons to get a Mr Steam Shower, besides the fact that they are cutting edge cool, healthy, state of the art bathroom upgrades:

  • Beautiful, healthy skin. Warm moisture hydrates your skin and opens your pores, leaving skin softer and more supple. Steamtherapy allows dirt and dead cells to be flushed from the body (through perspiration), and cleanses skin more thoroughly than soap and water. Steam can be a great treatment for acne and some other skin conditions.
  • Soothes Tired Muscles. Heat is known to be effective against joint and muscular pain. Steam showers may help reduce the lactic acid build-up in your muscles and increase blood circulation so that more oxygen and nutrients can reach damaged muscle tissue. A steam session can also be a great way to warm up muscles before a work out.
  • Promotes Restful Sleep. After a chaotic day, a steam shower can help reduce stress andencourage a good night’s sleep. The heat penetrates your body and tells your muscles to relax, providing the perfect soothing atmosphere to unwind and calm your mind.
  • No need to travel or go to the Spa for this, make your home the ultimate destination…


 thank you very much, mr steam!!!

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  1. This was such a fun evening Courtney! I wish we were back in that hot tub in the snow right now! I could do with some more steam therapy. I wish I had an enclosed shower cubicle so I could get me some of that Mr Steam action!! Love that pic of Veronika and Paul too x

  2. Well-written post! I wish I taught at a club that had all these amenities, especially the outdoor hot tub and zippy current circle. That part was hysterical! Right here next to me I have a set of the Mr. Steam 5-pack Aromasteam essential oils, plus the 7-pack Chakra oils. Sniff sniff.

  3. You had me at the censored pics at the start! I totally envy you the spa experience, but I am consoling myself with the Mr Steam towel warmer my husband and I are about to install in our new house. Take that!

  4. Great shot and great post! Thanks for the shout out Courtney. I could have hung out in that pool all night and been happy.

  5. It’s fun to see pictures of a real German spa! I had a visiting professor (architect) at UCLA years ago who specialized in designing these projects in Germany. A European spa was our design project for the semester. As Americans, it was hard to get our heads around how these places are used…very different from an American outdoor water park. Thanks for sharing!

    • Great point, Mark- the place was so different than anything I have ever seen in America. It was fascinating- you would’ve appreciated it from your architecture school experience.


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