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French Chair on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Mixing styles requires confidence and skill. Take for example this historical and regional Mix up- BAM! Quite a success. I love how well this works in a design sense. Today I am going to share some design inspiration from designers who know how to keep spaces interesting….Starting with the above chair and tribal textile, paired by Michelle Nussbaumer, who, as you will see as you scroll through this post- is the queen of pop for interior accessories. Her store Ceylon et Cie has one visual surprise after another, a treasure trove of unusual design finds (I have included four in this post).  Unexpected match ups can make for powerful visual experiences and conversation starters. This level of creativity requires a solid understanding of the elements of design, and a sophisticated imagination. “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”… 

Ralph Lauren Damien Hirst on www.CourtneyPrice.com

 Classic Black and White Photography with a dash of Damien Hirst bejeweled skull… makes you look twice. Ralph Lauren. He rocks.

Violin Chandelier on www.CourtneyPrice.com

The unexpected.  A beautiful old building in Amsterdam (the Conservatorium Hotel) with a modified contemporary interior, and this massive chandelier made of violins…

Amethyst lamp and quartz pyrite box on www.CourtneyPrice.com

 A mix of gemstones… Gemstones mix with everything, adding timeless elegance to any room, bejeweling any table top. I can’t seem to get enough of the gemstones.

skulls and books on www.CourtneyPrice.com

I love this mix of antiques with a dash of skulls thrown in for the double take. It sets a Leonardo da Vinci vibe. All for sale at Ceylon et Cie.

manuel canovas ad on on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Old and new, unexpected pattern shifts, new on old…it just works.

Romanesque Lion on www.CourtneyPrice.com

This guy would mix up the look of any room with a high-spirited infusion of fun. He looks like he might’ve come from Ancient Rome… or a Mardi Gras float. A definite conversation starter in any room. I would love to have this in my home. He is for sale- at Ceylon Et Cie in Dallas.

water buffalo on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Let’s mix up the whole IDEA of walls here. First of all, the cool tribal rug, and then that fabulous gigantic water buffalo. He makes quite an impression.  This would look incredible in a loft, and is all for purchase at Ceylon Et Cie in Dallas.

antique sofa ikat pillows on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Antique velvet sofa brought to life by lively Ikat pillows, at Dallas’ Ceylon Et Cie

Traditional mix of styles on www.CourtneyPrice.com

A sophisticated subtle blend of English antique, ancient geode, Chinese antique and architecture. And it WORKS. Blue Print Store.

antiques with contemporary art on www.CourtneyPrice.com

There is nothing like a lively piece of contemporary art to spice up a room full of antiques. By New Orleans designer Gerry Bremmerman.


  1. Lovely photos full of inspiration on mixing it up in the interior. When you see this done well it creates a conversation starter. Love it!

  2. Love the combination on the black and white photography just as the water buffalo. Stunning photographs!

  3. I love the mix here, especially love the vignette with the gemstones and the antique demilume table with the geode…all so gorgeous!!


  1. […] looks to the rococo, and as the title suggests, none of these looks are mutually exclusive.   Click to get inspired. […]

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